The Campaign

The Respect in Reporting Campaign is a conversation and a call to action. It’s an understanding that the media we read, see and hear has a real impact on real people’s lives. It is a recognition that all lives have value, and that the way we report on the end of life should reflect that.

We want to use this website as a platform to give you everything you need to make the RIP campaign your own. From templates to write letters to the editor, demanding better and more fair coverage of youth of color to workshop guides to host your own storytelling circle.

Our goal is simple: to reshape the way that the media reports on violence in urban communities- to help build more vibrant communities for all. There are many ways you can get involved.

  1. For individuals: Sign the pledge, talk to your friends and family about the issues, and if you have the time and energy- take action in your community.
    • Write a letter to the editor using our online templates
    • Host a storytelling workshop
    • Newsjack an article
    • Share your story
    • Request a meeting with your local media and the community
  2. For journalists: Sign the pledge and use our Guidelines as a tool to help you develop a critical eye about reporting in sensitive cases like these. Host a workshop for other journalists, or talk to a journalism class about these issues. Ask your publication to sign on to the pledge.
  3. Media outlets: Sign on to the pledge, and use to guide your editorial process.
  4. Journalism Schools: use our guidelines to educate future journalists on these sensitive issues and give them tools to more effectively serve urban communities.