Press Pass TV

Press Pass TV is an award-winning organization that uses the power of media arts to provide meaningful education and employment for youth living in underserved neighborhoods. We offer creative outlets as an alternative to violence, teach life-sustaining skills and empower communities to find shared solutions and envision a better world.

We work with youth to produce videos that tackle underrepresented social justice issues and celebrates those organizations and individuals working to make their community a better place. Middle school, High school, and College age students engage in all aspects of production, from developing questions to editing video. In addition, our youth produce creative pieces utilizing spoken word, photography, animation etc.

Our content is intended to promote civic awareness and action. We create curriculum around our segments to increase awareness, action and accountability. We also hold meetings to continue the discussion of issues raised in our work and support local campaigns for civic action by producing stories on their initiatives.

Recent psychological studies show that when people are exposed to others engaging in benevolent acts, they are more likely to do the same. At Press Pass TV, we operate on this principle and know that for real change to occur, people must regularly witness the amazing acts that others commit on a daily basis.